Specialized Transport

Transport Levy International's flatbed trailer division offers a full range of services for this type of load across Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. We have a modern and diversified fleet and a full range of specialized equipment to meet your needs.

At Transport Levy, our experts have gained many experiences in transportation of goods and materials of all kinds.

We will also advise you when it comes for decisions according the right equipment for your loads and performing all related tasks, including licensing, tarpaulins, routing, approvals and inspections.

Loading capacity:

  • B-Train (92 000 lbs)
  • 4-axles (88 000 lbs)
  • 3-axles (68 000 lbs)

Attributes of the fleet and the services offered:

  • 53’ Trailer with platform tridem, 4 axles and B-Train
  • Trailers with Roll-Tile ™ platform
  • Legal or oversized charges

Flat Bed

Ideal for carrying all loads up to approximately 102 "high by 102" wide, this trailer allows lateral loading which facilitates the handling of various goods.


This equipment is ideal for carrying all loads up to about 102" high by 102" wide. It allows lateral, top loading and back-loading, which facilitates the handling of various goods. It also allows greater security of the cargo as the entire load is securely attached.